The war in Iraq...

Written by Danny D. Bunn, B.A,

         I was sitting here thinking about the war in Iraq and wondering why so many Christians are divided on the issue. I believe it is wrong, dead wrong. We are killing thousands of Iraqis for no reason at all. Bush has admitted recently that he was wrong in attacking Iraq for the reasons that he gave even though he is still seeking to justify it. I have talked to quite a few believers and one thing seems to be in common with the ones who think that it is right, that we are protecting America and the like. They have sons and daughters over there and when you are in that shape you can’t admit that it is wrong. That your children are over there killing and being killed for a madman, so to speak, for oil, money and whatever else he wants while he is the President of the United States of America.
         Most Constitutionalists, Patriots, Christians that I spend much time with agree that this war in Iraq is unconstitutional, wrong, started because of greed, lust for power, etc. President Bush claims to be a Christian as some tell me. I tell them that Clinton claimed to be a Christian too. What are you seeking to prove with that statement? Any man can claim to be a Christian but to be one is different than just mouthing the words, “I am a Christian.” From what I have been reading about Bush being in the Skull and Bones Society which teaches the “born again” experience lines up with why some have heard him say that he is born again. They are put in a casket in one part of their ceremony and another person in the meeting pulls him out of the casket and they are”born again”, so to speak.. Bush proves over and over that he doesn’t know the Lord of Glory. He claims to be pro-life but is doing nothing to reverse Roe vs Wade which was legalized unconstitutionally. It was purely a judicial action without the approval of the people. Bush recently approved of fetal research so they can dissect the babies that they are killing by abortion and experiment on them or sell their body parts.
         Putting these two thoughts together, let’s come up with some logical conclusions. Do you honestly think that a government, or a man who would allow these types of things could actually care if we lose a few hundred of even thousands in a war when we have killed more babies in the womb than in all the wars put together. We are a murdering nation and if we do not get back to God very soon then we will be destroyed. We are hated by most of the nations of the world today or so it seems. China is fed up with us, N. Korea, Russia, Iran and others are telling us to back off. The only powerful organization behind us is the U.N. even though it hates America and what it stands for or should I say, “stood for”. Besides there is nothing good about the U.N. Anyway, payday is around the corner. Any and every nation that went deeper into sin fell from within and was destroyed from without in due time.
         We have legalized sexual perversion now, as our government did with abortion over three decades ago. The millions that we have killed in the womb is unbelievable, to say the least. How can we really think a righteous, holy God will allow this to keep on? His mercy, love, compassion is unbelievable but there is a stopping point and I believe we are almost there. As some have said, “If God doesn’t destroy America pretty soon then he is going to have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.”
         I tell people who go to St. Luke’s Hospital to have their babies delivered since they are into baby killing (abortion) too. “What if someone paid St. Luke’s more money than you paid them to make sure that your baby doesn’t make it out alive?” A hospital into the money wouldn’t care. I was debating someone who works at Planned Parenthood one time, she said, “Abortion is legal and it is not a human life yet.” I told her, “That isn’t what they said before 1973.” I go on to tell her, “What if they passed a law tomorrow that says, ‘Babies aren’t persons until they are 6 years old.” She replies back to me, “They would never do that!” I then told her, “They said almost those exact words about abortion before it was legalized. There are those in power now who are talking about changing the age of a baby as to when it becomes a person.” Our government did the same thing with the black person years ago and we had a Civil War. She doesn’t say anything else and goes inside. We don’t defend the most innocent life there is, the preborn baby, so why would the government care how many on either side die over seas, the normal American would never really know anyway. The media is good at telling just enough to keep the common people asleep.
         In conclusion, “Do you honestly think the government cares whether you live or die, you are just a number to them and they think we need a lot less numbers in the world today. They are seeking to make more room for the flies, ants, frogs, turtles, birds, and the bigger animals too. The New World Order wants to get rid of approximately 2/3’s of the human population on planet earth. If you have any questions, get a number and stand in line.

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