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new_024 (5K) The Most Controversial Bible Verse

Was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A Christian?

Dr. Kent Hovind
The government finally let him out because of the prayers and pressure from God's people.

Important: An e-mail regarding the Measles Vaccinations in Africa

Be a Christian Promise Keeper

We are in a war people and I am not talking about the one in Iraq that Bush started...

The war in Iraq

"Is this Success?"

Links regarding Billy Graham

Water Baptism

Every Three Minutes


Wake Up Church! Wake Up America!

I want to share with you an a few interesting videos I found on Youtube, I am not sure how I saw one but it is to do with millionaires giving out money to help others and I watched a few of them but they just seem to bring me to the point they were seeking self exaltation, so to speak BUT then I saw this one, it was different.
Secret Millionaire - Dani Johnson

Then a day or two later I saw this one.
Secret Milionaire returns to Love Kitchen

Information Gospel

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