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The Pro-life, pro-death issue

Pro-Life Feminism: A Call for Real Choices

Atheist and Agnostic Pro-life League

What I am seeking to show by the above links
is that there are lost people, people without God
who are pro-life so being pro-life doesn't make you a Christian.
The Lord Jesus Christ wants us
to be Pro-eternal life and that life is in him,
not in any religion or "church".
He is the way, the truth, and the life.
No man cometh unto the Father but by him.

Life Dynamics This place fights baby killing places like Planned Parenthood in the courtrooms.

Child raising/homeschooling

Homeschool World
For those who are homeschooling.
This is an excellent link to get information and supplies.

No Greater Joy
Are you frustrated with kids?
Raising them a problem?
I think you will be very interested in this Page...


A Scientific Dissent From Darwinism
There are educated guesses that over 10,000 scientists
in America alone who do not believe in macro evolution
and believe in a 6 day creation.

Some Real Scientists Reject Evolution
Do any scientists with Ph.D. degrees reject the theory of evolution?
Yes, they do!

Institute for Creation Research
Our world, our church, our schools,
our society, need the truth of creation more than ever.
We see the wrong thinking of evolution
having produced devastating results in every realm.

Creation Evidence

The Creation Research Society

The Great Dinosaur Mystery
Welcome to one of the world's largest
and most exciting dinosaur sites ...non-profit & educational..

Prof. Gerardus D. Bouw, Ph.D.
Dept. of Math & Comp. Science

Also check his other page out-
Official Geocentricity Web Site

The Geocentric Bible

Biblical Discipleship Ministries

Government/Political issues and Biblical issues

Family Guardian Another excellent site with a wealth
of information for the body of Christ...

Repent America

It looks like we finally have a real man in the Republican Party
who is running for President of the United States of America? Maybe?
Ron Paul for President 2008

Ron Paul in Debate at Reagan Library (May '07)

Constitution Party (Forget the Republicans and the Democrats,
they are close to one and the same today.)

Exodus Mandate

Power of Prophecy
I wasn't sure where to put this link
since he deals with almost everything on this Page
at one time or another in his newsletters.
He puts out a very informative newsletter
so be sure to check out his Page.
He deals quite a bit with a corrupt government,
the New Age movement,
bible perversions, the Roman Catholic Church
and a few other items. I don't agree with
every conclusion that he comes to but he
has a lot of good things to say.

Chris Gerner's Amerikan Exposť

Well it looks like the Federal Government is at it again.
The evidence seems to show that they did it again
as they did at Oklahoma City, Waco, and Ruby Ridge.
It looks as though they will enforce a police state fairly soon.
Or at least try to by seeking to convince us to give up certain freedoms.
You don't give up freedoms to obtain freedom.

Armed Females of America

Gun Owners of America

"The civil liberties crisis in America:
you can do something about it."

J.A.I.L.-- Judicial Accountability Initiative Law

We the People
The U.S. Income Tax System [went] on Trial February 27th. You could have watched it Live on the Web.
Read the opening remarks by Bob Schulz, Chairman
We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education, Inc.

Read the closing comments of the trial on taxation
by a Certified Public Accountant that the Internal Revenue Service,
Department of Justice didn't show up at .

Income Tax

Cults/false religions

THESE NEXT few links expose the whore of Babylon,
the Roman Catholic Church. Reach out to them
in the love of Jesus Christ while there is still time...

Mission to Catholics

The Two Babylons
The Papal Worship Proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and His Wife

By the Late Rev. Alexander Hislop

"The AntiChrist Slideshow"
Go to this Page and scroll down a little bit till you come to
"The AntiChrist Slideshow" in bright red letters,
keep going down till you arrive at the link, click on it and read the information
as you scroll down each page in the slideshow.

Cephas Ministry Inc.
They expose false religious systems
such as Roman Catholicism, Masonry,
Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, and others.

Sicknesses, diseases, cancer, etc.

World Without Cancer-- Reality Zone

Order Form for products to cure cancer

The Cancer Cure Foundation

Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute More on vaccinations.. Helping people to help themselves

Plant Cures- The Herbal Healing Place

The Bible Issue

The NKJV: A Deadly Translation By James L. Melton

New King James Version- Counterfeit

What one of our ex-Presidents, Ronald Reagan,
thought about the Authorized Bible (the KJV)

and also a few comments regarding the new bibles...

The Answer Book
by Samuel C. Gipp Th.D.


The King James Bible Page

The Sound Doctrine Homepage

King James Bible Believers

The King James Code
Only in the King James Bible

The Number 7 - God's Divine Number

Gail Riplinger's Home Page
She is one of my favorite contenders for God's word...
She wrote "New Age Bible Versions"

-Read and listen to God's perfect written word, the KJV-

Chick Publications

Final Authority
by Dr. William P. Grady. the entire book in RealAudio!
  If you need Real Player first, download below
 and then click on "Final Authority".
Listen to a really good book.

Download Real Player by clicking here.

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