Sex as the Opiate of the People

I will be quoting from a book entitled, "War Against the Family" by William D. Gairdner. Page 29 under the subtitle, 'Sex as the Opiate of the People'.
"The Swedish National Association for Sexual Education once declared: 'Our aim is to encourage liberation through sex.' This pronouncement proved indeed to be one of the cleverest, most successful methods ever used to create acceptance of the policies of the top-down State and lure the populace into a kind of civil docility. In his book The New Totalitarians, Roland Huntford details the insidious manner in which a populace can be duped by the exchange of countless personal, political, and moral freedoms for the illusory right to sexual freedom. He quotes this chilling statement made by Mr. Ingvar Carlson, Sweden's former minister of education: 'The state is concerned with mortality from a desire to change society.'(8) (Watch out for teachers bearing condoms!)
"The key to this formula is that if the welfare State can remove all traditional, sexual morality from the thinking of the people - especially through the education system, which intrudes right into our homes - it can undermine all the less powerful moral precepts that otherwise make the work of the State too difficult. That's why, as Huntford reminds us, Aldous Huxley said in Brave New World that 'as political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends compensatingly to increase.' The architects of statism know that if the sense of privacy, and the historically deep moral feelings associated with romantic love and sex, can be removed from the function of sex, then removing taboos and traditions from other areas of human life will be relatively easy. Once the State invades into the banal, then what is public becomes paramount over what was private. The equation carried in the minds of those - especially the young - who have been through this 'morals stripping' process goes like this: 'If the State was right about something as powerful as sex, it must be right about everything else, too.' And because planners are threatened by the private role of the family in all this, sexual matters for 're-education.' The tenor or instruction, Huntford writes, 'is that morality is irrelevant, and that attitudes learned at home are to be discarded.' Huntford shows how Sweden is one of the first examples in history of established authorities taking sides with the youth of the nation against their own elders. (They have a common enemy!) It's an ideological offensive, with sex education serving as the most damaging missile. This technique is used in Canada and the United States as well, with a scary intensity..
"The objective is to teach that sex is a mere physical need - like eating, or moving one's bowels, opines another Swedish education official. '[I]t's importance has to be reduced... What we want is that children talk it over and come together rationally.... Early sex is encouraged, if desired, as long as the partners are 'protected.' Masturbation is officially encouraged from 13 years onward, 'with or without the reading of pornography'; marriage and divorce are now by simple contract and makes no difference legally or economically, to a family (Sweden has the lowest marriage and highest 'couple dissolution' rate in the Western world);(9) condoms, abortion, and other forms of contraceptives are officially sanctioned and encouraged (even though sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancy have risen there in inverse proportion to such programs, as in every other country where the so-called 'sexual revolution' has been introduced).(10) In short, regardless of what some may think are good intentions, in their consequences such programs are not about sex or freedom. Rather, they serve as a key weapon in the effort of progressive State to break down traditional morality, privacy, and the family. Once every citizen accepts the illusion of sexual freedom (always in conformity with official State policy and practice, of course), he or she can leave everything else up to the State. 'Give me orgasm, or give me death' is the new rallying cry of the liberated citizen."
(8) Roland Huntford, The New Totalitarians (New York: Stein and Day, 1972), p.326.
(9) David Popenoe, Disturbing the Nest: Family Change and Decline in Modern Societies (New York: Aldine De Gruyter, 1988). p. 173.
(10) Jessica Pegis, Ian Gentles, L.L. de Veber, eds., Sex Education: A Review of the Literature from Canada, the United States, Britain, and Sweden (Toronto: Human Life Research Institute, 1986)."
War Against The Family
by William D. Gairdner

Can't you see this happening in America today?! President[s] Clinton and groups such as Planned Parenthood are leading the charge. If they get what they want, the kids are going to be their kids, the state's and the government's. The parents can support them financially but the government is going to 'take care of them sexually and mentally. And when they are finished with them and the kids are washed up then they will let the parents have them back so they can hang them out to dry. The bill to straighten them out by then will be super expensive and I am not talking financially. In the money area, there won't be enough to help them.

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