Since a pro-choice position is death, the guy who came out to make me take the poster down didn't like to see what he was for. He didn't accomplish what he wanted to do either. The article said that he punched me and knocked me down. That wasn't true! Of course when you do what I do then you get use to reading a lot of false stories about yourself. The newspaper is mostly liberal, they don't have problems with abortions, killing innocent life in the womb. If the guy did knock me down I am sure that he would have taken my posters which he didn't. He DID swing at me, I blocked it and down we both went to the ground. I held him in a bear hug until another guy pulled him up and got into our argument too. He told the guy that I wasn't doing anything wrong and to leave. The guy leaves since he learns the cops are coming. You will notice the poster that was put in the paper, the reporter didn't want to put the picture of the baby's head that the guy wanted to take from me for some strange reason? I guess that he doesn't want women to see what they are doing to their babies. Of couse, deep down I think they know anyway.

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