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This is the head of a baby approximately 5 months in the womb.

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Danny Bunn -
Three Years of Picketing

I would like to do a rebuttal to the article with the same title as above written by Jeanette Germain who does the newsletter for Planned Parenthood. She came out to interview me on "Mon., Nov. 21 '94, sometime between 12:30- 2:30pm.. She comes up to me and wants to interview me. I say, 'Do you work for Planned Parenthood?' She says, 'Yes, I do the newsletter'. I tell her, 'To be perfectly honest with you, I don't trust you and I don't think that you would write the truth in your newsletter anyway.' As I am talking, she is writing and I didn't even tell her that she could interview me. But I keep talking away since I have a captive audience. I talk about Planned Parenthood, Paul Hill- the guy who shot the abortionist (or to say the latest one), etc. She talks about the baby in the womb isn't anything but a cluster of cells. I tell her, "Based on your logic then I am nothing but a cluster of cells to you since it is a medical, scientific fact that the pre-born baby is all there, completely life, nothing new is added after conception. That baby is as much life as I am. She doesn't say much, just writes a few words. She gets ready to take a picture and she doesn't have any film. She says, 'I'll be right back, I forgot to put the film in. I need to warm up my hands anyway. If you think of anything else to say, let me know when I get back, I'll have my pen and paper with me.' I kept picketing, as she was out there asking me questions and one of the girls leaving takes a set. Praise God!

She comes back out about 5 minutes later and I tell her about Margaret Sanger. I ask, "Do you know Margaret Sanger?" She says, "Yes, she is the one who started Planned Parenthood." I tell her, "Yea, and she admitted in one of their pamphlets that abortion is killing the baby and it is dangerous to the mother. I go on to say, "She got into abortion to kill the undesirables in her eyes, like Blacks, Mexicans, etc." She said that she heard that before. I tell her that I will get her the documentation. I keep talking. She takes a few pictures and she is gone."

Most of the above came out of my diary for that day. Now I want to discuss the newsletter. I read the newsletter and the very first sentence was a lie so at least I knew that they were living up to my expectations of their organization. She said that I said, "I like this picture. It makes everybody mad." First in context I was talking about the pro-choice (pro-death) people. Since I am pro-life, the only other choice opposite of life is death. I did not say I like the picture, I hate the picture. I said that I liked using the picture since it makes the pro-death people mad. They don't mind the posters that say abortion kills, etc. since they don't see anything but when they see what they are for, then that gets them mad. I told her the majority of the people who drive by are pro-life but the majority of the people who drive into Planned Parenthood are pro-death. She also said in the first paragraph concerning the poster that I carry. "It shows the bloodied head of a late term fetus." Since we didn't talk about the poster in detail as far as age goes, I thought that it was interesting that she called the baby a late term fetus. The baby (fetus) in the picture is approximately 5 months in the womb. I guess that I can let her get by with saying the head is from a late term fetus.(?) What she didn't mention in the newsletter is that the baby is totally formed, developed towards the end of first trimester, the first three months of pregnancy. It is a total human life at the moment of conception, when the sperm goes into the egg. She also didn't tell you what 'fetus' means. It comes from the latin, meaning 'little child or young one'. Oh well, she can't remember everything, especially when I was talking about 10-15 minutes and she writes down one or two words every couple of minutes. I guess that I can see why she would get things out of context or completely wrong.

I did talk about computer programming but I didn't say that was when I began my anti- choice (pro-life) research. I did compare aborting a program to aborting a baby, you destroy it, you wipe it out. Same is true when you abort a baby in a mother's womb. All abortion really does is make the mother a mother of a dead baby instead of a live one.

She keeps calling me anti-choice in her newsletter. I am not anti-choice, I believe in choice in reference to presidents, to food, clothes, cars, etc. but when it comes to babies, I will agree with her that I am anti-choice which is pro-life. There was a bumper sticker which says, "I am pro-choice before conception, pro-life after." Another one comes to mind, it said, "Pro-choice! That's a lie, babies don't choose to die." I was talking to a girl out in the Albertson's parking lot, she was yelling at me, "Pro-death, Pro-death." (At least she had the pro-choice meaning correct.) This happened the day after I was interviewed on T.V. I talk to her. I tell her, "I am going to be pro-choice in the same way that the pro-choicers are." I point at her and I say, "I want you dead!" I go on to say, " That is pro-choice when it comes to babies in the womb."

Back to the newsletter, last paragraph says, "Bunn was not willing, however, to use the word murder to describe the recent killings of abortion providers. 'They deserved to die .' he said of the victims. Referring to Christian scripture, he added, 'Those who shed innocent blood, their blood should be shed.'
Before I comment on the above, I want to say that the other article on the same page entitled "Boston Shootings Raise Security Concerns" where they are quoting me out of context again and this is probably when I was talking to Channel 6 News. After she asked me what I thought about all the violence that has been happening lately. I said, "I don't know where you are coming from. The violence has been happening big time since 1973 when they legalized abortion, we have killed over 30 million babies in the womb." I go on to say, "If you are talking about the abortionists? I have no problem with it, they're murderers and murderers deserve to die." The Boston shooting wasn't even brought up, I brought up the abortionists and answered my question.

Psalm 106:38 "And shed innocent blood, even the blood of their sons and of their daughters, whom they sacrificed unto the idols of Canaan: and the land was polluted with blood."
We are more sophisticated in America, we offer our unborn children on the altar of social convenience, pleasure or is it just pure greed.

Prov 6:17 "A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,"
I wouldn't hesitate to say that the most innocent blood there is, is the blood of a pre- born baby. Those so-called doctors who are abortionists have some heavy judgment coming from the hand of God.

Isaiah 59:7 "Their feet run to evil, and they make haste to shed innocent blood: their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity; wasting and destruction are in their paths."
All the money that they receive from killing pre-born babies and it's legal, makes their feet run a little faster to shed that innocent blood and you can imagine what their minds are on.