Teachings from the true word of God, the KJV, for the English speaking people...

1. Are you born again?

2. Anger

3. Our Focus

4. The Blood

5. God changes his mind at times

6. Can Christians forgive the sins of others?

7. The Church

8. Commitment

9. Courage

10. Power in Prayer

11. Gideon, A Brave Man

12. In my Father's hand

13. Out of the Father's hand

14. The Rod

15. I Cor. 13- The Love Chapter

16. Acts 16- Some things we might go through to see God glorified

17. Law vs Grace

18. Once Saved, Always Saved???

19. Faith, Faith, Faith

I. Christ-mas is almost here!

II. Merry Christ-mass--ho ho ho

III. The Christmas Story

Book of John
Chapters will be added weekly

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