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Where is God's written word???

The World's Most Incredible Sinner?
and it is not Frankenstein!

"Should Creationists Abandon the King James Bible?"

One thing that is causing some of the biggest problems in the body of Christ are the bibles. God told us that he would leave us his perfect, infallible word and I ask many of the Christians who are into the new perversions, where is his word that God said he would leave with mankind? The one that he would perserve for us while time stands? I will be going deeper and deeper into the bible perversions and show just some of the differences which are mind blowing. Any person who claims they are all the word of God is either a person who has never studied it or is a liar. There is no way around it. The word talks about a falling away taking place in the last days and it is happening on an unbelievable scale. A homosexual helped on the translation of the NIV and now we have the man who does the Bart Simpson cartoons who is the owner to the copy rights to the NIV. Just as in Isaiah's day, we are beginning to see a famine for God's word but it is in the same way that there is a famine in the land for God himself and the world don't even know what they are starving for. The same is basically true in the Body of Christ, Christians don't even know what they are starving for. They have Jesus and they think that they have his word but if they will do what God commands and study to show themselves approved unto God, they will see that they don't have it in the new "bibles", besides that II Tim. 2:15 has been changed in most new "bibles" so Christians are not called to study anymore. God says that he will preserve his word in Psalm 12:6,7, changed in most of the new "versions".
I John 5:7 is one of the clearest verses on the tri-unity of God in the Bible and it is taken out of most of the perversions. If you are a born again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, I think that it will be a surprising topic for you. So keep checking back!

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