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Barack Obama THE Anti-Christ???
People keep asking me do I think Obama is the anti-christ. I keep telling them, No but I know he is one of the anti-christs which is to come before the real Christ Jesus comes.

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Corrupt Government

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by Danny Bunn,B.A.

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Cults and/or False Religions even a little on the true Christian religion
NEW links on other false religions inside link above from Roman Catholics to Muslims to 7th Day Adventists to Jehovah's Witnesses to Mormons and many others. This world is going bananas and I do not believe in the false religion called evolution either. I deal with it in a separate link above.

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Donald Trump- the greatest President in my lifetime


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Second coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ snd some mixed thoughts

Septuagint or LXX doesn't equal 72 or truth

Sexual Perversion
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